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Barnabus is a discord moderation bot built by me. Barnabus was my first ever public discord bot. The reason I created Barnabus was to provide a more effortless moderation experience for discord communities. You have all these other moderation bots that are not dependable or just too complicated. Barnabus solves both those issues and more.


Bloxbuy is an upcoming ROBLOX Marketplace where users can purchase Robux with guaranteed safety and security for both the seller and the user. Users are able to safely purchase any amount of Robux they please and sellers are able to receive a fair compensation all without the hassle and fear of either party scamming each other.

TypescriptPERN Stack AppCommissioned Project


Shopkeeper is a discord bot built to simplify the shopping experience on discord. Shopkeeper eliminates frustration and confusion for both you and your client by creating a seamless checkout experience. The user's cart is monitored throughout the user's session and displays where and whom to send the bill, making the checkout experience more straightforward than ever.

JavascriptDiscord BotOpen Source


ArrayToJSON is a CLI I built to solve an issue I was facing while importing data into MongoDB. The CLI will essentially take an array of objects and create a JSON file for each object in the array, making it easier to import into MongoDB. I had quite a bit of fun making this CLI as it was my first attempt and learned quite a bit more about using node in the command line environment.

NodeCLIOpen Source